Our Five-Year Strategic Plan

Rollins launched an ambitious strategic plan September 12, 2023, in response to the school’s new leadership, growing needs, and evolving challenges in public health. The new strategic plan will set the course for the school for the next five years.

Steering Commitee

Timothy L. Lash (Chair)
Linelle Blais
Noni Bourne
Howard Chang
Cari Jo Clark
Priya D’Souza
Dani Fallin
Ilana Graetz
Taylor Head
Vanda Hudson

Kelly Jordan
Delia Lang
Noah Scovronick
Briana Woods-Jaeger
Lynda Barrett (Strategic
Planning Office, WHSC)
Rachel Peprah (Strategic
Planning Office, WHSC)
Whitney Robinson (Strategic
Planning Office, WHSC)

The Strategic Planning Process

Fall 2022 marked a period of momentous change for the Rollins School of Public Health. It was the third year of operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, the long-awaited opening of the school’s R. Randall Rollins Building, and the beginning of M. Daniele Fallin’s tenure as dean, following James W. Curran’s 27 years of leadership. The school launched a strategic planning process in November 2022, and selected student, faculty, and staff representatives to serve on the steering committee, led by Department of Epidemiology Chair Dr. Timothy L. Lash.

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Working Groups


Ilana Graetz (Chair)
Priya D’Souza (Co-Chair)
Hannah Cooper
Keven Haynes
Chrystelle Kiang
Carmen Marsit
(Ex-Officio member)
Shakira Suglia

Our People

Cari Jo Clark (Co-Chair)
Vanda Hudson (Co-Chair)
Matthew Freeman
Maleika Huff
Hans Khoe
Kimberly Maune
(Ex-Officio member)
Lance Waller


Delia Lang (Chair)
Howard Chang (Co-Chair)
Prudence Goss
Zelda Ray
Kara Robinson
Ashley Woods

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Joanne McGriff (Chair)
Noni Bourne (Co-Chair)
Alanna Aboulafia
Theo Gayle
Briana Woods-Jaeger

Practice and Partnerships

Linelle Blais (Chair)
Srdjan Popovic (Co-Chair)
Allison Chamberlain
Laura Lloyd
Noah Scovronick
Elizabeth Zimmerman


Jodie Guest (Chair)
Kelly Jordan (Co-Chair)
Shelby Crosier
Natalie Dean
Norman Eubanks
Elizabeth Mendes
(Ex-Officio member)

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