Build a Thriving Workplace

Our People

We will cultivate a school where all members of our community have opportunities for professional growth and feel included, respected, and valued.

Rollins is known for its culture of kindness and respect. Our school and workplace are seen as particularly open, diverse, and welcoming. But culture is not something we can take for granted—it evolves with every hire, every new initiative, and every annual budget. We strive to make Rollins the best place to work and learn, where people feel valued, included, and are able to pursue their passion and career paths.

To do this, we must prioritize our people in all that we do. We will foster a culture of collaboration and respect for the wide variety of roles reflected across our faculty, staff, and students. We will also enhance professional training and growth, including high-quality mentorship and peer partnership. And we will support all aspects of people’s lives through more recognition programs, promotion of wellness, and attention to mental health.

A thriving workplace includes a culture of excellence, transparency, and accountability—and leadership that models the mutual existence of expectations of performance and respect for a balanced life.

This school is dedicated to improving health for all people. This must start with our own people—because Rollins is its people.

The people who make up the Rollins community are diverse, driven, and dedicated. We are passionate about cultivating an environment where everyone is empowered to thrive, while understanding the impact our work has on the larger population. I believe the strategic plan will help us build an even stronger foundation, utilizing the strengths of our culture and working together to reach our greatest potential. VANDA PALMER HUDSON, BSBM
Senior Director of Fulfillment and Operations

Objectives and Tactics

Enhance resources and create opportunities to ensure that students, alumni, staff, and faculty can reach their professional goals and realize their full career potential.

  • Increase onboarding support for new faculty, staff, and post-doctoral fellows, including offering immediate mentoring/coaching and access to information that will support their success across research, education, and practice activities.
  • Expand mentorship expectations across the school and hold leaders accountable to implementing mentoring strategies for faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and staff.
  • Provide opportunities for professional development and career progression for faculty, staff, post-doctoral fellows, and students.
  • Continue to work with the alumni board to create and implement career-development programs that mutually benefit alumni and students.
  • Promote a culture that embraces staff participation and development.
  • Support wellness for all faculty, staff, post-doctoral fellows, and students by providing resources and developing opportunities for our community to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Build bridges within our community that foster a shared culture of collaboration and belonging.

  • Reimagine cross-departmental collaboration, including how faculty, staff, and students in different departments teach, learn, and work together.
  • Recognize and amplify the work of our faculty, staff, post-doctoral fellows, and students.
  • Build and reinforce community via Rollins-wide scholarly and networking events, making use of our buildings and outdoor areas as gathering spaces.

Strengthen operational excellence to support a culture of effectiveness, accountability, transparency, and trust.

  • Develop a strategy to ensure operational excellence within Rollins and advocate for continued improvement across central systems, including Research Administration Services, Human Resources, Institutional Review Board, Information Technology, data, policies, and processes.
  • Create a culture of accountability and transparency at all levels of leadership, aligned with our institutional priorities and values.
  • Provide access to data and reporting that staff, faculty, students, and leadership need to be productive and effective, ensuring that they can make strategic decisions in a timely manner.
  • Facilitate collaboration and resource-sharing within Rollins by creating an interactive tool to identify funded projects, data sources, research staff availability, and unused research equipment.

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