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We will promote and strengthen trust in public health information.

It’s fair to say we’ve rarely seen the public consume public health news as intensely as we have in the last few years. From the impacts of climate change to COVID-19 and so many other realms, our work dominates the headlines and social media. Unfortunately, we’ve never seen misinformation at this level, either. Which makes our task more critical than ever.

Over the next five years, Rollins will use communications outreach to ground public health discourse and inform better decision-making globally and locally. To achieve this, we will be both a destination for public health information and a champion of public health professionals.

We will position Rollins as a top source of public health information—for evidence-based, easy-to-understand public health facts and cutting-edge research. We will use a mix of traditional and emerging media platforms to reach a wide array of target audiences.

We will ensure Rollins experts are accessible and actively engaging with the media on a regular basis to further promote our research and help people understand how their lives are shaped by matters of public health.

Additionally, Rollins will build a training infrastructure to teach faculty, staff, and trainees how to effectively communicate science and public health information—including creating a certificate program in public health and science communication. Because it is no longer enough to provide information for anyone who seeks it out—we must actively go out and fight disinformation and offer local and national leaders straightforward language and frameworks to understand complex public health issues, so that they can help all communities thrive.

Communication is vital to public health research and practice. Messaging and dissemination strategies can make or break the public’s reception of something like an outbreak response or new health policy. That is why it is essential to have experts not only working in research, but also in translation and communications. SHELBY CROSIER, MPH Candidate
Communications Chair for Rollins Student Government Association

Objectives and Tactics

Inform public health discourse and decision-making through thought leadership globally and locally.

  • Host media briefings with Rollins experts on timely and important topics.
  • Make it easier for the media and external partners to access Rollins experts through our website and other key channels.
  • Support Rollins experts as they expand their public outreach through new media channels.

Increase the reach and impact of our research with new and innovative communications strategies.

  • Launch new editorial initiatives to showcase research from Rollins, including increasing the use of multimedia and innovating with more short, straightforward content types.
  • Implement processes to boost engagement between communications staff and researchers.

Develop a training infrastructure to teach faculty, staff, and students to be trusted and authentic public health communicators.

  • Train faculty staff, students, and alumni in public health communications, at the group level and individual level.
  • Create science communications core competencies for public health and develop a science communications certificate program for MPH/MSPH students.
  • Develop a student public health communications internship program.
  • Proactively promote public health communications as a way to distinguish Rollins for recruitment, retention, and re-accreditation.

Deepen relationships with local communities, sharing Rollins’ public health findings with Georgia residents to help them advance their own health goals.

  • Create community-centered content to answer pressing questions about timely public health topics and address health misinformation.
  • Engage with the city of Atlanta and surrounding communities to share public health information and create public health communications opportunities.

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